Bangla Language Institute (BLI) at Independent University Bangladesh (IUB) specializes in teaching Bangla as a foreign language in an immersion environment. The institute aims at supporting the academics and professionals from different disciplines interested in the region of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India by providing training in Bangla language to achieve any desired level of proficiency.

Bangla is categorized as a Less Commonly Taught Language (LCTL) among the foreign languages taught all over the world. Despite having more than 210 million people around the world speaking Bangla as a first or second language, the opportunity to learn Bangla as a foreign language is very limited. Only a few institutes across the world offer the instruction of Bangla as a foreign language in an immersion setting as offered in BLI.

Bangla Language Institute implements the best practices of teaching and learning foreign languages in an immersion environment to help learners achieve their required level of proficiency. The intensive immersion program aims at creating a target language only environment by providing formal language instruction in a classroom setting for 20 hours per week. In addition to that, 10-20 hours per week of informal practice with a gender matched Language Partner is also recommended. In order to enhance language learning, the program also designs cultural excursions, activities target language community involvement and student driven projects. The institute offers instruction at Beginning, Advanced Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced level. Courses at different proficiency levels are also designed for Heritage learners. Along with that Bangla Language Institute is working on a good number of projects such as textbooks for Bangla learners, teacher’s manual for helping the teachers teach Bangla effectively, translation and transcription, documentation of endangered languages and regional dialects and a collaborative project to design an online synonym dictionary.

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Bangla Language Institute (BLI)
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E-mail: info.bli@iub.edu.bd